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Welcome to Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association. We are one of the oldest fly fishing clubs in the country having started in 1952 to improve trout fishing in the area for local people.  Our early history can read by opening the PDF file MNTFA History at the bottom of this page

Today we have some excellent trout fishing facilities and our club is helping anglers to learn more, develop skills and help remind you that the best way to get better is to get out and go fishing.

To help with this, we offer a significant number of benefits to our club members:-

We have a thriving mixed membership of very experienced anglers and relative novices and cater for all. We are a friendly club with members prepared to help one another with all aspects of fly fishing and fly tying.

The MNTFA offers all of this for only £15 per annum,which means you can choose which aspect of the club you want to be part of. It's a bargain,helps fishing and helps you. How can you resist? 

If you would like to join us, please complete the application form which you will find in the membership section of the website.

Welcome to the 2018 season

Chairman's Report

I'd like to start by saying thank you for voting me in as chairman for the forthcoming year.

I feel it is a great honour to be chairman of the Mid Northants as it's probably the oldest trout fishing club going, founded back in 1953 and probably the largest and well supported by all the committee and members.

The club remains strong with over 100 paying members and it is pleasing to see it growing with new members joining each year, actively participating and contributing to club events.

The last winter programme was fairly well attended with an average attendance of 30 members per session, would like to see a few more perhaps we will this forthcoming year,

Derek Walker will be working hard mustering up new demonstrations and talks, if any member has any suggestions or ideas for the next winter programme we would like to hear from you, talk to a committee member.

The club match scene has been well attended with some cracking results. We've had three good turnouts, the first bank match had to be cancelled for safety reasons due to icy and snowy conditions but the second was well attended. The best of all I feel was the Ravensthorpe match with a rod average of 12 fish. This could be a club record with over 349 fish being caught in total. We do encourage all to fish these matches and provide an experienced member partner for those new to match angling. Well done Terry for all your organisation and time consuming work putting them all together.

Seumas Halliday has stepped in as vice chairman (thank you Seumas) Seumas does a lot of hard work behind the scenes putting together the Saturday teaching days, adult training days, working together with myself with the Angling Trust which all helps with our funding for special projects. The main aim of these social days is to get new members and get people out fishing, we can also organise buddy bank fishing for the novices. The fly tying Saturday sessions also goes down well with members showing their skills and techniques and tackle clinics

The club also has eight level 2 qualified coaches with two more looking to do it. I don't think any other fishing club in the country has this amount of qualified coaches, well done to you all as its no mean task, I know from experience, I did mine earlier this year.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that turned out for the litter pick around Pitsford, we picked so many plastic bottles and other plastic items it was unbelievable. We can see why the government is trying to do something about it. Well done John Mills our treasurer for organising it and putting on bacon butties at the end, they were most welcome.

I would like to thank Ashley Cooper our membership secretary who does a sterling job sending out all the information relating to club events etc. Ashley and John mills have done the mean full task of sorting the (GDPR) the General Data Protection Regulation, we now keep all members personal details secure.
I would like to thank all the unmentioned committee members for all their hard work in keeping our club running nice and smoothly. If I've not mentioned anything anybody thinks I should have mentioned please let me know and I'll give it a mention in the next report.

All have a good season catching lots of trout and hopefully see you on the bank or at a meeting.

Don Moore chairman.




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