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The 2019 season. I am pleased some new members are keen on fishing club competitions with us this year. I aim to pair up any beginners or those relatively new to fly fishing with those more experienced anglers among us.

Would you like to improve your fishing if so why not fish with a different boat partner this year in our club matches?
They don’t have to be the best angler but it is a great way to learn by fishing with different members and there is also the social side. It may only be one thing that you picked up on that day or it may be even more (good things like boat etiquette, what lines to use, leader length, a different line retrieve and flies.) There are also things to remember not to do like getting the drogue wrapped around the engine or your fly line and worse letting your rod go over the side. This is knowledge that will improve your fishing these things all add up. It is a matter of remembering these things to add to what you already know that will improve your catch rate.

This year there is an extra days fishing added to our match sheet called Social at Rutland with the meal at lunch time instead of at the end. This is to make it a more of a social event and not a competition. You have a chance to find out where the fish have being caught and what flies to use if you’re not doing so well so everybody has an enjoyable days fishing.

For an entry form for our club member’s matches go to competitions - entry form to down load a copy.

We will be entering the Anglian Water Airflo competition which is a six man team and for the first qualifying round we have chosen to fish at Pitsford.
We will also be entering the Floating Line Competition at Grafham Water which is a four man team. Entry forms will be sent out to club members to enter the above two competitions any club members not selected who would like to fish the Practice days are quite welcome to do so.

Terry Bayes

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